Hormon-free contraception – Mona Lisa Copper IUD – MADE IN EUROPE
Mona Lisa NV, Belgium (member of eurimGROUP) started production of classic copper IUDs since 1996, wanting to provide women with reliable and safe protection against pregnancy, without hormones.
IUDs are one of the most common types of contraception worldwide (Contraceptive Use by Method 2019, United Nations).
Technically, the copper coil is also called “IUD” (intrauterine device), i.e. intrauterine device. This term consists of the Latin words “intra” for inside and “uterus” for uterus.

A coil of fine copper wire wrapped around a plastic body continuously releases small amounts of copper ions into uterus, changing mucous membrane  of  cervix. Because of this, the mobility of sperm is significantly reduced and cannot reach the egg cell or  do not reach in sufficient numbers for fertilization.
The total surface  area of the copper variates  between 300 mm² and 380 mm² and enables the IUD to stay in situ between 5 to 10 years. The purity of the copper is 99.99%. Adverse allergic reactions caused by other element such as nickel can therefore be ruled out.
The withdrawal thread at the bottom of the plastic body is made of tear-resistant nylon.
The addition of barium sulphate  enables radiological detection of the IUD.
Secure, tear-resistant sterile packaging protects IUD.
All products bear the internationally valid CE mark.
The use of  MRI  up to 3.0 T does not affect the results of the MRI or the functionality of the IUD.
The choice of the appropriate copper IUD depends mainly on the physical condition of the woman ( the length and shape of the uterus) and wishes.

NT Cu 380 / 380 Mini

copper surface 380 mm²
in situ time : 5 years
NT Cu 380 is recommendation for uterus length 6-9 cm
NT Cu 380 Mini is recommendation for uterus lenght 5-8 cm

ST Cu 300

copper surface 300 mm²
in situ time : 5 years
recommendation for uterus length 5-8 cm
ideal for nullipara
also for multipara with smaller uterus sizes

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