The unique feature of  XXL Click’aV Plus™ polymer ligating clip is the coverage of thick tissues, which no other clip on the market can effectively close.
It closes structures between 10 and 22 mm through  10 mm trocar (a major advantage compared to the 12 or 15 mm required for endostaplers).
XXL Click’aV Plus™ is a safe and minimally invasive solution even for the most challenging cases.
Enlarged teeth provide transverse and longitudinal tissue stability. Thanks to the reinforced structure, the clip maintains dimensional stability and remains securely closed on the thickest tissues. It replaces expensive endostaplers or harmonic scalpels with the same safe yet cost-effective technique. The cartridge backing is sticky.
Availability of both  endo and open surgery appliers allows these clips to be used in  wide range of procedures.
The advantage is also the low interference with CT scanning, great safety in  MRI   and X-rays.

XXL Click’aV Plus™ clips are specially designed for:

-large blood vessels with increased pressure
-places with difficult access or reduced visibility
-places where manipulation in the operative field leads to a greater risk of dislocating the clip.

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