Surgical sutures "Peters"

Company Peters was founded in 1926. by Count Peters , from 1951. company is manufacturing surgical sutures primarly for Foreign Legion (La Legion etrangere)  and later for hospital use. Today , Peters is present in more than 150 countries around the globe (USA, Japan, EU). Peters ambassadors were Professor Kieffer and Professor Carpentier among others.

Peters puts special attention to sutures and needles for Cadiovascular surgery , they are being used by the very best surgeons around the world.

Corolene – polypropilene , monofilament ,  is being used in cardiovascular surgery for suturing coronar arteries for implementing bypass (CABG). It is fairly easy to use it which enables it to use it in almost all surgical tehniques.

Cardioflon Evolution polyester braided coeated with silicon. It is being used for reconstruction of heart valve and implementation of the ring. Cardioflon Evolution  is quite precise and firm due to tightning of  a knot.

Cardioxyl braided polyester coated with silicon  . It is being used for reconstruction of heart valve and implementation of the ring. With Cardioxyl ring could be pulled down fast and secure with simple positioning of the knot.

Cardionyl is polyamid, monofilament used for suturing soft tissues due to cardiovascular procedures.

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