Goznales Rivas
NE'X Glue

It is intended for binding, sealing and/or strengthening of soft tissue.
Goznales Rivas
Click'AV Gonzales Rivas 45° Appliers
Jaw angle of 45° allows better access in VATS surgery.
OMNIFinger™ rotating endoscopic applicator
Mobile tip of the instrument that can move up to an angle of 60°
XXL Click’aV Plus
XXL Click’aV Plus™ Ligating Clips
What Apple, Ferrari and Grena Clips have in common?
CuraCel® Standard
Natural (vegetable) cellulose that is dissolved and extruded
4SEAL hemostatic powder is a sterile, hemostatic medical resources
Reliable and safe protection against pregnancy, without hormones
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About us

The company Eumed d.o.o. was founded in May 2005 in Belgrade. Our main activity is the sale and distribution of medical devices.


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Mona Lisa®

Hormon-free contraception - Mona Lisa Copper IUD - MADE IN EUROPE Mona Lisa NV, Belgium (member of eurimGROUP) started production [...]


CuraWax is a non-absorbable bone wax for haemostasis, produced from a mixture of beeswax (80%) and isopropyl palmitate (20%). It [...]


CuraSpon® is a sterile absorbable haemostatic, type gelatine sponge. It provides haemostasis in surgical procedures to control capillary, venous and [...]


CuraTamp - oxidised absorbable cellulose is obtained by the process of oxidation of the alpha grade cotton using nitrous oxide. [...]

CuraCel® Fibrillar

CuraCel Fibrillar can be peeled off in layers for optimal dosage. Because of fibrous structure layers are easy to shape [...]

CuraCel® High Density

Curacel High Density is used to prevent heavy bleeding due to its higher absorption capacity, e.g. resection of the liver, [...]

CuraCel® Standard

Oxidised regenerated cellulose is made of alpha grade artificial silk unique in its chemical composition. The oxidation that makes the [...]


4SEAL Hemostatic Powder is a sterile, haemostatic medical device composed of absorbable  modified polymers and powder delivery applicator. Absorbable  modified [...]

Click’aV® clip remover

This instrument enables  safe removal of polymer clips, if not applied correctly. Available for open surgery and endo surgery according [...]

Click’aV® open surgery appliers

These appliers are ergonomically adapted to open surgical procedures. Available in sizes M, ML, L, XL and XXL All appliers [...]

OMNIFinger™ Articulating Endoscopic Clip Appliers

This applier is unique because Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas, a world-renowned thoracic surgeon, participated in its creation. The OMNIFinger™  brings [...]

Click’aV® Gonzalez Rivas 45° appliers

Renowned thoracic surgeon Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas participated in the creation of this unique applicator. 45° jaws angle allow better [...]

Click’aV® M-size appliers

This applier is a unique solution for multiple possibilities. It has proven to be very useful in urological procedures, as [...]

Click’aV® 20° angled appliers

This applier has curved jaws for better access in difficult anatomical conditions. It is designed for use in the most [...]

Click’aV® standard endoscopic clip appliers

360° shaft rotation by index finger allowse one-handed operation. Flushing port favcilitates easy cleaning, thus eliminating potential contamination. Made of [...]

XXL Click’aV Plus™ Ligating Clips

The unique feature of  XXL Click'aV Plus™ polymer ligating clip is the coverage of thick tissues, which no other clip [...]

Click’aV® polymer ligating clips

Click'aV®  polymer ligating clips are implantable medical devices made of non-resorbable polymer with a locking system (they have integrated  teeth [...]

Click’aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips

The second generation of Click'aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips with a locking system, with two rows of teeth inside the [...]

VClip® – titanium ligating clips “chevron” shaped

V clips for ligation are chevron-shaped implantable medical devices. They are intended for marking or ligation of any tissue structure [...]

LigaV® – titanium ligating clips “ V” shaped

LigaV clips are implantable medical devices. They are intended for marking or ligation of any tissue structure or blood vessels. [...]

NE’X Glue®

NE’X Glue is surgical adhesiv, two component product composed of bovine serum albumin and glutaraldehyde. It is indicated to bond, [...]




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