The second generation of Click’aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips with a locking system, with two rows of teeth inside the clip (like the “ABS” system in cars), represent implantable medical devices made of an advanced polymer that provides a high level of biocompatibility, as well as structural and dimensional stability, necessary for the long-term safety of the patient.
The inner surface of the clip has two rows of teeth that engage the tissue.
In this way, this clip provides the speed of a metal clip and the security comparable to 2.0 suture. This combination leads to  extreme time savings.
The product successfully replace endostaplers and harmonic scalpels, combining  highest  security level with cost savings.
The advantage is also the low interference with CT scanning, great safety in  MRI   and X-rays.
The  possibilities is to remove them with a clip remover, if  not applied correctly .

Click’aV Plus™ clips are specially designed for:

-large blood vessels with increased pressure
– places with difficult access or reduced visibility
-places where manipulation in the operative field leads to a greater risk of dislocating the clip.

Compatible with appropriate Click’aV® applicators.
They are offered in 4 different sizes –  ML, L, XL and XXL

Dostupne veličine

3 – 10 mm Tissue
bundle size range

5 – 13 mm Tissue
bundle size range

7 – 16 mm Tissue
bundle size range

10 – 22 mm Tissue
bundle size range

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