Oxidised regenerated cellulose is made of alpha grade artificial silk unique in its chemical composition. The oxidation that makes the fibers resorbable to human tissue is better controlled than the oxidized cellulose produced from cotton fibers.

It may slightly fade or turn brown over time, but this does not affect performance.

CuraCel ensures haemostasis during surgical procedures, i.e. prevents capillary, venous and minor arterial bleeding when other conventional methods are ineffective or impractical. When it contacts with blood, CuraCel  forms a brownish or black gelatinous mass which aids clot formation in 3-4 minutes. This gelatinous mass acts as a physical matrix to which platelets are firmly attached and their aggregation  creates a platelet-fibrin plug, and haemostasis occurs. It is completely absorbed in the body in 7-14 days, depending on the amount used, the type of tissue and the degree of bleeding, with minimal tissue reaction. CuraCel has a very low pH value (pH<3) and has an antibacterial effect in vitro on 27 types of Gr(+) and Gr(-) microorganisms.

CuraCel Haemostat   is suitable for use in cardio, cardio-vascular, general and digestive surgery, neurosurgery  (especially cerebral operations), plastic surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, stomatology, traumatology  and other branches of surgery.

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