CuraTamp – oxidised absorbable cellulose is obtained by the process of oxidation of the alpha grade cotton using nitrous oxide. Chemical composition resulting in very little change in material stability and absorbsion. The same method of opening and achieving haemostasis as CuraCel®.

CuraTamp is suitable for use in general surgery and digestive surgery, neurosurgery (especially cerebral operations),cardio, cardio-vascular, plastic surgery, gynaecology, urology, stomatology, traumatology,dental and  other branches of surgery.

It is very suitable for endoscopic abdominal surgery.

During use, it is easily positioned, i.e. adjusts (folds or rolls) and sews, does not stick to instruments and gloves and does not split..

It is completely absorbed in the body in 7-14 days, depending on the amount used, the type of tissue and the degree of bleeding, with minimal tissue reaction.

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