NE’X Glue is surgical adhesiv, two component product composed of bovine serum albumin and glutaraldehyde.

It is indicated to bond, seal and/or reinforce soft tissue. Can be applied as an adjunct to staples, sutures, electrocautery or patches as well as alone for sealing or reinforcing  parenchymal organs when other standard methods are impractical or ineffective. Soft tissues where NE’X Glue ®  is effective are vascular,  cardiac, pulmonary, dural, esophageal, gastric, intestinal, colorectal, pancreatic, splenic, biliary, hepatic and genitourinary.

Delivery system consists of prefilled syringe, plunger and  applicator tips.

Applicator tips are delivered in sets together with Surgical Adhesive,volume 2 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml  and are also available separately.

Polymerization starts immediately after application and final strength is reached after 2 minutes.

NE’X Glue   can withstand the pressure higher than400 mm/Hg.

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