4SEAL Hemostatic Powder is a sterile, haemostatic medical device composed of absorbable  modified polymers and powder delivery applicator. Absorbable  modified polymers are biocompatible, hydrophilic, non-pyrogenic and derived from purified plant starch.
It is indicated for use in surgical procedures or injuries as an adjunct  haemost when control of bleeding with capillary, venous or arteriolar vessels by pressure, ligature and other conventional means is either ineffective or impractical.

For adhesion prevention , 4SEAL Haemostatic Powder is indicated when the formation of post-operative adhesion is to be prevented after surgical interventions in cavities covered with mesothelium.
4SEAL Haemostatic Powder does not contain materials of animal or human origin and is absorbed in the body in a few days. It is available in packs of 1g, 3g and 5g.

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